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NAME: Enclosed Rack corona treatment

18:38:14The use of high frequency high voltage power supply corona discharge is generated between the electrode and the corona corona stick , shaped

Into a low-temperature plasma by ionizing between the two poles produce ozone , ozone is a strong

Oxidants, can change the molecular structure of the plastic surface , so that the non-polar conversion

Polarity. Meanwhile corona will cause uneven surface was tiny hole to the surface

Roughened to enhance the surface activity , so that the surface of the corona is improved later, ink, glue

And so will be able to further penetrate into the material to be treated , so as to achieve the desired effect printing adhesive

Fruit .

Corona treatment rack roller diameter is generally 46-120mm, can be customized according to customer needs

Different treatments width and roller diameter .

1 , high quality steel, high standards of industrialization sheet metal manufacturing .

2 , the body enclosed structure design, can effectively cut off the dust and prolong life.

3 , the unique four teeth aluminum discharge electrode , the treatment effect evenly.

4 , using imported silicone cover, anti-breakdown , the effective life of 2,000 hours or more.

5 , optional with pneumatics, open and close the discharge rack easily penetrating .


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