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NAME: Sheet corona treater
TW Series corona treater for plastic film printing solutions provide a new pre-treatment
Program , the product imported high-power modules (IGBT), a unique pulse width modulation
(PWM) control , even when the corona discharge has a strong non-linear loads can also be wide
Within the scope of the control power output , played a lock , switch softening and power regulation for
With large output power , high efficiency, with automatic over-current , over-temperature , overload, short-circuit
, Cutting and other protection functions , and improve multi- protection circuit , so that the whole corona machine work
A more stable and reliable.
TW Series models can handle a variety of low-density polyethylene, high density polyethylene,
PP , CPP, OPP and other frozen food packaging materials, metal film material. With printing
Machines ( including gravure and letterpress machines ) supporting the use , can effectively improve the printing quality
Obtain bright patterns do not fade effect ; supporting the use of the copier , can be as large surge
Strong composite bonding firmness ; and blow molding machines supporting the use of blown film substrate into
OK surface heat treatment , the better. TW series processor in the operation of a large number of other
Ions , changing the surface of the material to be processed the molecular structure, which greatly improves the production efficiency
Rates and products.
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